Gansu Silk Route Museum Showpieces

The showpieces possess the characteristics from the pre-historical culture to Min & Qing dynasties which represent the history, politics, economy, science & technology, cultural arts, husbandry production, religious belief & daily customs, thousands of years ago.

Three magnificent collections come together to display the treasures of our ancient past. These collections are alive and growing as a world-class museum show-piecing the diverse cultures from the East to the West and West to the East which transformed cultures of all regions.

Ancient Silk Road Collection

SRM Collection,Wei Jin Culture


SRM Collection,Wei Jin Culture


SRM Collection,Wei Jin Culture

SRM Collection,Wei Jin Culture


SRM Collection,Wei Jin Culture


SRM Collection,Wei Jin Culture

The Silk Road Museum Antiquity Collection

The Silk Road National Museum houses over 35,000 pieces of collection, including 405 thousands top pieces, and field ancient relics sites pieces with National Treasure status from the Xi liang, Wu Wei era and Silk Road History, with a cultural education center onsite for learning about the many cultures found along the Silk Road.

These collection pieces include types of pottery, stone, copper, jade, gold, silver, stone inscriptions or litho glyphs, ancient silk textiles, Buddhist scripture or sutra, calligraphy and painting, brick carving and brick painting.

Forty of these ancient relics are first level national cultural relics, 132 pieces are second level and 362 pieces are third-level. There are thirteen outdoor ancient protected sites with one being a national key relics protected site, “Wuwei Tombs of Xiliang Kingdom and 13 are provincial key relics protected sites.

Silk Road Fund Antiquity Collection

This collection is made up of 25 pieces and growing, that relate to portions of Silk Road history dating back to prehistoric periods and forward to modern day. Our collection is comprised of the unique art and concepts of regions from the entire world that were influenced by the travelers and inhabitants of the Silk Road.

Our organization’s vision for this collection is to return a full range of Silk Road culture and history to its proper place; well protected and preserved in these modern times. ‘The forever living Road of Cultures must remain unique and be able to display each part of these uniquely individual cultures. These cultures must be given the opportunity to flourish in their own particular ways, uninterrupted from the distractions of material beings.

Equity Arts Global Collection

This 200 piece global collection originated from one of the Silk Road Fund founders, Ms. Mei Ping Wu . She has been, and continues to be, a strong leader in the collection and preservation of all types of art from around the world. With a generous heart, Ms. Wu has donated over 25 related pieces of her personal Equity Arts Collection to The Silk Road Fund Antiquity Collection.


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