The Silk Route Museum

The Silk Route Museum is a Institution devoted to the History and modern times of the Ancient Silk Road. The museum holds in trust for China and the world a rare collection of historic ancient Silk Road treasures that embodies the history, mystery, and life of these unique times.

The Museum's grand building exhibition area is 120,000sq.ft. and it encompasses 700 acres where the Silk Route Master Plan will take effect. Built on the site of the Xiliang King's Tomb the Silk Route Museum houses one of China's most important collections of ancient Tombs and artifacts dating back to B.C. that transport you though time and history.

The museum's extensive exhibits include rare antique ceramics, jades, bronze wares, and artifacts that originated from the rich historic past of the Silk Route. The King's Tomb and Queens Tomb are spectacular exhibits that are open to public viewing.

Anyone who has ever dreamed of experiencing the adventure of the ancient Silk Road must visit the Silk Road Museum in Jiuquan at the western end of the Great Wall at the fort of Jiayuquan. We have offices in California, Shanghai, and Gansu Province China with affiliations around the world.


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